It’s important to keep your cat safe and stress-free at Halloween. By following a few Halloween safety tips you can protect your cat from all the ghosts and goblins that show up this time of year. We usually focus all our energy on costumes, decorations and getting treats ready that we end up letting our pets fend for themselves.

Halloween can be a hectic and sometimes scary holiday for your cat. Here is a list of safety tips for Halloween that will provide your cat with a calm, safe Halloween.

10 Cat Halloween Safety Tips

  1. Try to keep your cat indoors during the days leading up to Halloween and on Halloween day as well. Some cats are used for pranks and satanic purposes by a few unethical individuals. Some animal shelters and the Humane Society will not let people adopt Black Cats from mid-October through to Halloween for this very reason.
  2. If you’re putting your cat in a Halloween costume, make sure the costume doesn’t inhibit their natural functions. Make sure they can breathe properly, see, hear, move about, normally, walk and go to the bathroom.

    Pay attention to any small, hanging pieces that can be easily bitten off and possibly choked on. Look for any signs your cat may be getting stressed out from wearing the costume. If your cat isn’t the type for costumes then don’t force them to wear one.

    If you’re taking your pet trick-or-treating with you make sure any costume they have on has reflective material in a prominent location. Be sure to add a few pieces of reflective tape if their costume is too dark to be seen at night and keep them with you at all times.

  3. Cats and dogs can become unwilling participants in pranks or other Halloween mischief. Keep your pets indoors and safe from any trouble-makers at night.
  4. Around and on Halloween, make sure you cat is wearing their collar and name tag when taking them for an evening walk or letting them out briefly in the evening. Keep your cat indoors for the night if there is more traffic on the streets than normal. If you have any doubt about your pets safety keep them indoors and let them go outside or in the yard long enough to relieve themselves and them bring them back indoors.
  5. Keep bite sized treats and wrappers out of your cats reach. All varieties of Chocolate can be hazardous to Cats and Dogs. Foil and cellophane wrappers are potential chocking hazards for your pet. Call your Vet immediately or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 if your cat or dog has swallowed something they shouldn’t have.
  6. To make your cat feel like they are a part of the festivities and more importantly draw their attention away from snacking on any harmful goodies, keep some treats and other favorite snacks on hand for them to have. A few treats throughout the evening will help them to relax and enjoy themselves more.
  7. Halloween plants such as pumpkins, corn stalks and gourds are relatively nontoxic but they can upset you pet’s stomach and digestive system if eaten. Blockage can also happen if larger pieces are swallowed. Be sure to keep these plants away from your cat as a precaution.
  8. There are a great variety of Halloween decorations used throughout your neighborhood and in your own home. Make sure any wires and cords from electrical devices are out of your pets reach. Also keep your cat away from any small, fine decorations such as window lights and fake spider webs that your pet make choke on or become entangled in.
  9. Keep your cat and or kitten away from candles in pumpkins. A kittens’ curiosity can leads to singeing or nasty burns from a candle. A fire can be started from a pet knocking over a pumpkin by accident. If you’re using a candle in your pumpkin, put the pumpkin somewhere away from you cats reach. You can also look into alternative ways to light your pumpkin.
  10. Put your cat in a safe area of the house before your trick-or-treaters start to arrive at the door. Constant opening and closing of the door, noises and strange faces and even stranger costumes can become too scary and stressful for your cat. There’s also the chance your cat may run out the door to escape the commotion if they have no other place to hide or feel safe.

Your Cat really has no concept of what Halloween really is and can perceive something entirely different in their mind. These Halloween safety tips can provide a great deal of pet safety and are here for you to make good use of. By embracing them as your Halloween safety rules you will have more fun this Halloween and have less to worry about; which goes double for your Cat.

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