This is a heart warming story of 2 brother cats that received a great amount of support from their community. They were placed in a foster home through Cat assistance and after numerous calls and donations eventually found their way home.

Here is the full story:

ARDSLEY – Two blind cats who took refuge at an Ardsley animal shelter have found their way home.

The two domestic short-hairs – Mr. Peaches and Mischief – were placed in a foster home through Cat Assistance until the shelter received a flood of calls inquiring about the two brothers.

Sarah Hart, president of Cat Assistance, said she received about a dozen telephone calls inquiring about the cats and raised more than $800 toward their veterinarian bill after an article about them appeared in The Journal News on March 25.

“A lot of people were very concerned, making donations and just finding out how they were,” Hart said. “We were thrilled.”

Additionally, Hart was able to find a home for another cat with a family in northern Westchester.

After less than a month at the foster home, Mr. Peaches and Mischief were adopted by Stuart Schars of Bronxville.

“They are sweet, friendly, warm animals, and it’s a pleasure to have them,” he said.

Schars, who has other cats, said he didn’t act instantly after reading about the cats in the paper, but called the shelter some days later as they stayed on his mind.

Schars, who believes both cats have some vision – each has one eye – said he finds them in the most obscure places in his home, such as on top of the refrigerator and the top shelf in the closet.

Mischief, the one with a more striped fur pattern, is “exploring and inquisitive,” often sleeping on his bed, he said.

The cats were rescued as kittens by a woman named Meryl Youchah, while she was visiting Long Island several summers ago.

Youchah, an animal lover, died in November and left behind six cats. Her sister was able to find a home for all the pets except the two blind brothers, who ended up at the Ardsley shelter in March.

While under the care of the shelter, the cats racked up expensive veterinarian bills after surgery to remove their left eyes.

The veterinarian said the surgery eased pain and discomfort from an untreated virus both cats suffered from as kittens.

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