“…and now for something completely different…” Do you like things that are unique, unusual and apart from the usual, normal stuff? If you do here are some quirky, unique, fun items for cats and cat lovers that may just be the thing that will make you go “wow!” They’re sometimes useful and sometimes useless, but they’re definitely different. Time for some fun!

We love unusual, inventive stuff, especially if they are for cats. We’re always on the watch for clever, unique, creative products and here are some unusual gift ideas. They’re bound to peak the interest of any curious cat!

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Wool Cat Cave
Wool Cat Cave
Can’t find the Cat? Check the cave. Give your cat their own private space to hide or sleep with the Cat Cave. Made from 100% wool with a natural lanolin smell this cat cave is easy to clean with a dry cloth or vacuum. The Cat Cave provides a warm, cozy place to curl up inside and can also be flattened for Cats that prefer to lay on top of things.


Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats
Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats
Unicorns are not real, but your Cat is and putting this on your Cat is entirely up to you. But if your Cat is not the Unicorn horn wearing type then they may plot revenge against you if you do this to them. Just look at the unhappy Cat in the picture. If your Cat is into it then you’ll have a happy Uni-Cat according to the people who make this. Your Cat will either love it or hate it.


Cat Attack Scratching Post
Cat Attack Scratching Post
This scratch post looks like something right out of a B-Rated horror movie. Save your furniture and let you Cat be the giant monster that attacks an unsuspecting city. Made from durable, recyclable layered board the scratch post is easy to assemble and also comes with a cut-out helicopter cat toy.


Cat Crib
Cat Crib
Here is a unique way give your cat a fun place to hide or sleep. Your Cat usually sleeps on top of the chair but why not sleep under it? Free up your floor space with the space-saving Cat Crib. Kitty will love it. Works best on wooden square legs that are 18” to 27” apart.


Cute Cat Face Zipper Tote Shoulder Bags
Cute Cat Face Tote Shoulder Bag
Let everyone know you like Cats with this fun tote bag for Cat Lovers. Made from polyester this shoulder bag is fashionable, very visual and functional. Take this bag with you wherever you go and people will see your ‘cat’ coming before they see you.


Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure
Designer Litter Box Enclosure
Where’s the litter box? Only you and your cat will know. Here is a great way to conceal your litter box while still keeping it accessible to your cat. This elegant piece of furniture seems almost too nice to let your cats use it as a bathroom. The designer cat box holds a large sized litter pan and there’s also a place to keep the scoop and other litter accessories. It’s not the best idea for larger cats as the space inside can be too small for them. Cats will also like hanging out on the top. It does a good job of keeping the smell down and prevents the litter from being tracked all over the place.


Cat Kitten Shape 10-Ice Cube Tray Mold
Cat Ice Cube Tray
Hey, there’s a cat in your drink. Add some fun to you party with some Cat Ice Cubes. Great for Cat Lovers for when company comes over and awesome with theme parties too. It makes 10 cubes at a time. If you need more than 10 cubes start a few days before the event to make enough Cat Ice. It’s made from medium thickness silicon and is not entirely sturdy. Placing it on a tray may make it easier when moving it from the sink to the freezer.


Tank house for cats
Cardboard Tank House for Cats
Put your cat in charge of some heavy military machinery in this hilarious Tank playhouse. Your cat will have a blast hiding inside this tank waiting to ambush the next target to pass within firing range. Part of the Cat Playhouse Series, this Tank is easy to set-up. Just fold it together with the included instruction without the need for any glue or tape. It also folds away for easy storage.


"Here Kitty" Cat Paw Shaped Novelty Door Stopper
“Here Kitty” Cat Paw Door Stopper
This reminds me of all those times my cat wanted in the room by sliding their paw under the door. Very funny. Use this fun cat paw door stopper to keep the door open when your cat doesn’t know if they want to stay in or out of a room. It’s also perfect for keeping your cat from getting shut inside a room. It’s made of silicon rubber and works on any door.


Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy
Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy
Here is a fun game to play with your cat. Simply move the mouse to pop it out of a different hole until your cat catches it. It’s an ideal cat and mouse toy that involves you and your cat. The whack-a-mouse cat toy is lots of fun and appeals to your cat’s instinct to hunt for hiding prey. The box is made of sturdy press board and the rugged synthetic mouse is well attached to the stick. Great for floor play, on the couch or taking along on trips.


That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more unusual and quirky cat stuff coming soon.

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