Everyone knows that Valentine's Day is this coming February 14. That much is certain. What's definitely not so certain is what we'll buy for that special someone. Whether you're dating or married, selecting the perfect gift for your significant other is a real cat-and-mouse game. And, if your significant other happens to be a cat, it's not very likely that he or she is even going to get that mouse to play with.

It'll be just another day: litter box, sleep somewhere weird, knock some stuff over, clean yourself, hack up a hairball, sleep somewhere weird, wait ‘til you – the “owner” – comes home – and be ignored by the cat. Yippee.

Wait one second there my feline fancier friend. On what page of Life's Little Instruction Book does it stipulate that Valentine's Day is only for humans?! Why can't it be a special day for cats? Why can't cat owners of the world unite on February 14 and, in unison around the globe, proclaim their special love and affection for cats? Why?! Because that last part would be really weird, that's why. And it would be one more little personality quirk for your mom to worry about. Snap out of it, man. You always take these things too far. Crank it back a notch or two!

So, let's recap. Valentine's Day is special, your significant other is a cat and you want to do something special. We can work with that. Actually, there are lots of things you can do for your cat to make him or her feel special.

Get your Cat a Toy

You know every time you go online and browse through the pet supplies, there's that little cat toy you know your Persian would just love to play peek-a-boo with. Buy it. It's been a dreary winter for all of us - cats included.

Show your furry four-legged friend you care and get your cat that toy. You know that you'll enjoy watching the cat with it - maybe even more than the cat will enjoy the toy itself.

Cat Treats

It's tradition to give chocolate on Valentine's Day or even those hard-sugar hearts with printing in Red Dye #2 that you'll snap a molar on at some point in your life. Why not get a treat for your cat? Spoil the little darling with some premium cat food or with a favorite cat snack. Get that food that the cat on TV eats out of a crystal desert glass! That's fancy!

New digs for your Cat

You already know that cats love to scratch and climb - your shredded sofa is testament to that. Maybe it's time you listened to the message your cat has obviously been sending you: "I want a cat tree" - tower - condo - you name it.

A cat condo provides an outlet for several of your cat's most basic animal instincts, while keeping you from putting another piece of duct tape on the furniture.

Extreme Makeover

Take your cat out for a day of beauty. A good grooming, teeth cleaning and nail clip is likely in order. Get your own nails done while you're at it! How about some fashionable accessories? Get your cat a new jeweled collar or a lovely new pet tag.

The options for Cat Valentine Gifts are endless.

So, this Valentine's Day, do something for the one you really love and the one who's always there for you. This February 14th, make it Feline-tine's Day!

How special was your Feline-tines Day? Did you do something special for your cat? Tell us in the comments.


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