The Blender Defender in Action

I wonder how many people have gone to this amount of trouble to discipline their cats besides this person? I mean wouldn’t be easier to just move the plant to another spot where the cat won’t get to it or keep your counters clear of food scraps and other things that attract them to the counter in the first place?

The people over at Blender Defender have set-up a motion detector blender to scare the crap out of their cats when they jump onto their kitchen counters. I think I would be too worried about my cats peeing everywhere if I did something like this.

It reminds me of the time Jade got her head stuck in a plastic bag and ran all over the house trying to shake the thing off. It was funny and we had to laugh because it kept us from getting mad at the fact that she peed all over the house during her frightful encounter with the bag. A few month later the same thing happened to Jasmine.

Continuously scaring your cats can turn them into a nervous wreck. Making an area unpleasant for your cat without instilling fear into them may help save your cat’s sanity in the long run. Our cats are jumpy enough with two loud kids in the house that like to scream at the cats from time to time for no reason, although this is happening less and less due to some strong parenting on this behaviour.

I have to admit, I laughed at the Blender Defender videos. The Cats reactions are hilarious, but after watching the videos a few times you can’t help feeling bad for them. A few online vets offer some good tips and advice on keeping your cats of the counter including the use of loud noises. Doctors Foster and Smith say counters can be dangerous locations for your cat. James Glover over at Pet Peoples Place suggests finding out why your cat is jumping up in the first place. These are good ideas that range from simple deterrents to more drastic measures similar to the Blender Defender.


There’s also a commercial cat training aid called Ssscat Sprays for your cat when they approach a restricted area.

Our cats know better then to jump up on the counters when we’re around. But we know they do when we’re out, so we keep our counters clear and close all the bathroom doors when we go out.

So our question to you is, what, if anything, are you doing to keep your cats off the counter? Also, if you had to do something what method would you use? Would you go to the trouble of setting up a Blender Defender?

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