About the Band of Cats

Welcome to the Band of Cats! A fun place for Cat lovers to visit from all over the world.

The Band of cats web site began over ten years ago as a cat photo blog. It was a fun way to share the photos I had of my cats with the thousands of other other cat lovers out there.

The response was wonderful and as the site grew more cool info for Cat owners and Cat lovers was added. Today the Band of Cats has thousands of cat pictures plus advice on Cat Care, suggestions on Cat Supplies and Cat Products, cool products for Cat Lovers and seasonal tips and ideas to help you and your Cat.

We’ll be bringing you more great ideas on products, pictures and tips for Cats and Cat Lovers and look forward to hearing from you.

The Band’s all Here

Jade, Jasmine, Spooky and Dax where the first Band. Below is a brief intro for each Cat and links to more pictures.



The Best Cat Ever

Jade was an instant hit. She was literally climbing the cage door to get out. It got my attention and Jade was my first choice at the humane society shelter.

At home she was a fun, energetic, social little kitten. Jade always had some thing to say and made sure she was heard.

Jade was like most cats. She loved boxes, climbing to the highest place she could find, naps in her comfy bed and snuggling in my lap or hanging out on my desk while I worked.

When I had visitors she would disappear and rarely come out. Although once they were gone Jade was a blast to be around. Just the best Cat anyone could hope to have.



The Princess Cat

It was a cold winter day when I got Jasmine. She was a rescue cat from the humane society and was the cutest, sweetest kitten with the gentlest little meow.

Jasmine was timid as a kitten. Happy and playful with her new home, but when visitors came she would run for cover emerging soon after once she realized all was safe.

As she grew older Jasmine would later become the first one to welcome visitors with purrs and delicate meows. She mostly spent her time with the other Cats; getting into scuffles with Dax, napping with Jade, and eating with anyone who would join her.

She loved rubbing against anything she walked by. An affectionate, gentle, loving Cat, Jasmine had a very royal demeanor. She was my princess cat.



A Talkative, Cool Cat

Dax was a big, gentle, tuxedo cat. You could tell the other cats liked hanging out with Dax since he was such an easy going cat.

He enjoyed life as an indoor cat but was always curious about the outside world. Although when he got a chance to go outside he never ventured very far.

Most mornings Dax was usually the first one to ask for food which the other cats appreciated as they got fed first too. He absolutely loved to play and always had a great time with any cat toy I had. He also liked to play with any of the other cats, especially Spooky.

The camera never bothered Dax and it was always easy to get a great photo of him. As long as there was a toy or treat involved afterwards he was good. Such a cool cat.



The Silent, Big White Cat

Spooky rarely meowed. If he made a sound it was usually a ‘grummppfh’ or two. It wasn’t that he was upset or angry, it was his way of communicating. He tended to save any meows for the more important things like being first to get a treat.

Spooky loved to lay in the sun when it beamed in from the back door in the afternoon. He was a friendly, affectionate Cat and when he wasn’t chasing flies that got into the house he was hanging out on top of his scratch post or snoozing with Dax on the couch.

Spooky loved it when there were visitors and always managed to get lots of attention from them. He was a big, beautiful, white Cat whom everyone loved.

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