Black Friday Deals Week! A Purrfect time to Save on Your Cat Supplies!

Check out this year's lowest prices and sales happening now during the Black Friday Deals Week! Get your...

26 Cat Christmas Ornaments to Decorate Your Tree this Holiday Season

This is it. The remaining Ornaments to be added to our huge collection of Cat Christmas Ornaments. There are...

101 Christmas Gift Ideas Cat Lovers Cannot Resist

There is a huge assortment of unique cat themed gift ideas to choose from this year. We did some hunting...

26 Cat Christmas Ornaments You Would Love to See on Your Tree this Christmas!

We’re back with more awesome Cat Christmas Ornaments as we promised in our last Cat Ornament post. Apart from...

Send a furry holiday greeting with these Cat Christmas Cards!

There is a great selection of Cat Themed Christmas Cards to choose from this Holiday Season. If you...

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Black Friday Deals

Cat Christmas

28 Great Christmas Gift ideas for your Cat

28 Great Christmas Gift ideas for your Cat

Are you looking for something special to get your cat this Christmas? We are and it's amazing how many terrific Christmas Gift ideas are available for Cats. Check out this list of fabulous cat gift ideas. Each item is a gem that any cat would love to see under the...

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Gifts for Cats

Cat Supplies

The Cost of Caring for a Cat

The Cost of Caring for a Cat

The decision to bring a cat into a home is a long-term financial commitment. The payoffs, however, are priceless. Besides love and companionship, studies have shown that spending time with a pet can lower an owner’s blood pressure and reduce anxiety. So what is the...

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Cat Care

Kitten Care In The Early Stages Of Life

When you find out that your cat is expecting kittens, the excitement level can be very high. Kittens are cute and curious, and watching them grow is a very rewarding experience. Although many think that because the mother is still in the picture and the kittens have...

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Cool Cat Products

Pet Insurance

Petshealth Care Plan Pet Insurance Review

Petshealth has been around since 1997 offering customizable pet insurance coverage for cats based on four increasing levels of protection. They also offer a ten percent savings if you buy coverage for multiple pets. In this review we’ll take a look at the different...

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