The Cost of Caring for a Cat

The decision to bring a cat into a home is a long-term financial commitment. The payoffs, however, are...

Beyond the Essentials: 14 More Kitten Supplies You May not Have Thought About

The first few days of having a new kitten are filled with lots of excitement and fun as your kitten continues...

12 Essential Kitten Supplies Every Pet Owner Needs

A new kitten is always exciting and fun. They are so active and playful and extremely cute. Its crazy how...

42 Brilliant Ways to Save Money on Your Cat Supplies

We love our pets and always want the best for them. We don't usually worry too much about the cost of owning a...

Save Money buying Cat Food

You can find some top deals on Pet Supplies that can add up to some fantastic savings! There is a huge...

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How to keep your cat healthy with the right foods

We all want to feed our cats and kittens food that is healthy and nutritional. Smart nutritional choices in the food your cat eats means a healthy happy life for your cat. But sometimes it's not easy to know what to feed them with all the choices we have available...

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Cool Cat Products

The Strangest Cat Bed we have ever seen.

What a fun idea. It's the strangest pet bed we've ever seen, but it looks like a fun cozy spot for your cat, especially if they have a shoe fetish like our cats do. This is the Sasquatch Pet Bed. It's a giant Croc and it comes in a variety of colors. Just when you...

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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance and the Meaning of Policy Terms

Pet insurance policies can be difficult to understand if you are unfamiliar with the meaning of the terms they contain. Many policies are written with jargon that is difficult to understand which can prevent you from knowing exactly what you are getting for your...

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How to Buy Pet Insurance for Your Cat

Pets are more than just animals that we feed and take care of. They are part of the family, are loved and given the best care that we can offer. From feeding them healthy food to grooming them, we smother them with tender loving care (TLC) because they deserve it even...

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