Black Friday Deals Week! A Purrfect time to Save on Your Cat Supplies!

Check out this year's lowest prices and sales happening now during the Black Friday Deals Week! Get your...

26 Cat Christmas Ornaments to Decorate Your Tree this Holiday Season

This is it. The remaining Ornaments to be added to our huge collection of Cat Christmas Ornaments. There are...

101 Christmas Gift Ideas Cat Lovers Cannot Resist

There is a huge assortment of unique cat themed gift ideas to choose from this year. We did some hunting...

26 Cat Christmas Ornaments You Would Love to See on Your Tree this Christmas!

We’re back with more awesome Cat Christmas Ornaments as we promised in our last Cat Ornament post. Apart from...

Send a furry holiday greeting with these Cat Christmas Cards!

There is a great selection of Cat Themed Christmas Cards to choose from this Holiday Season. If you...

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Black Friday Deals

Cat Christmas

The 12 Days of Cat Christmas

The 12 Days of Cat Christmas

Remember the popular song The Twelve Days of Christmas? Here we bring you our version of the classic carol but this version is called "The 12 Days of Cat Christmas" and is from the perspective of a Cat receiving gifts from their adoring owner. All I can say is this...

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14 Last Minute Cat Christmas Gift Ideas

14 Last Minute Cat Christmas Gift Ideas

There's only a few days left of shopping before Christmas is here. If you're running out of time and you need last minute gift ideas for your cat, try some of these fantastic cat products. They are all very unique, fun and affordable.   Pet Stages...

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36 Joyous Christmas Gift ideas for Cat Lovers

36 Joyous Christmas Gift ideas for Cat Lovers

There are some fantastic items for Cat Lovers available on the internet this year. As always, the cat makes a purr-fect theme for a variety of products from clocks to pillows. Cats don't just get to have all the fun with the products available for them. There is just...

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Gifts for Cats

Cat Supplies

Cat Care

How to keep your cat healthy with the right foods

We all want to feed our cats and kittens food that is healthy and nutritional. Smart nutritional choices in the food your cat eats means a healthy happy life for your cat. But sometimes it's not easy to know what to feed them with all the choices we have available...

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Cool Cat Products

The Strangest Cat Bed we have ever seen.

What a fun idea. It's the strangest pet bed we've ever seen, but it looks like a fun cozy spot for your cat, especially if they have a shoe fetish like our cats do. This is the Sasquatch Pet Bed. It's a giant Croc and it comes in a variety of colors. Just when you...

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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance and the Meaning of Policy Terms

Pet insurance policies can be difficult to understand if you are unfamiliar with the meaning of the terms they contain. Many policies are written with jargon that is difficult to understand which can prevent you from knowing exactly what you are getting for your...

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How to Buy Pet Insurance for Your Cat

Pets are more than just animals that we feed and take care of. They are part of the family, are loved and given the best care that we can offer. From feeding them healthy food to grooming them, we smother them with tender loving care (TLC) because they deserve it even...

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