The Cost of Caring for a Cat

The decision to bring a cat into a home is a long-term financial commitment. The payoffs, however, are...

Beyond the Essentials: 14 More Kitten Supplies You May not Have Thought About

The first few days of having a new kitten are filled with lots of excitement and fun as your kitten continues...

12 Essential Kitten Supplies Every Pet Owner Needs

A new kitten is always exciting and fun. They are so active and playful and extremely cute. Its crazy how...

42 Brilliant Ways to Save Money on Your Cat Supplies

We love our pets and always want the best for them. We don't usually worry too much about the cost of owning a...

Save Money buying Cat Food

You can find some top deals on Pet Supplies that can add up to some fantastic savings! There is a huge...

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Would you go this far to discipline your cat?

The Blender Defender in Action I wonder how many people have gone to this amount of trouble to discipline their cats besides this person? I mean wouldn't be easier to just move the plant to another spot where the cat won't get to it or keep your counters clear of food...

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Hurricane preparedness for your Cat

With all the Hurricanes in the news the past while we though we'd pass on some great info we found that will help you make sure you have everything your cat needs in case you have to evacuate your area or if any other emergencies arise. Video on How to prepare for...

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Cool Cat Products

A CatPod for your Cat

Most people have an ipod these days of one kind or another, so why not get one for your Cat too? It doesn't play MP3s but it does cater to a few of your cats' basic needs. Sleep, security and supreme dominance. A Happy Cat enjoying the Cat Pod! Plus it looks cool,...

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Lead a cat to water with your own Cat Faucet!

I’d like to start off this post and tell you that we have a new favorite web site. Koncoction – How To at We’ve been using it for only a short while and have found so many cool things so far. It’s a great collection of How...

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